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The thru-hiking community is truly another world. I know I share my daily experiences of the trail, the hardships, the laughter, the pictures, but none of it even comes close to capturing the real life experience of the trail & the community of people that you meet.
It’s like this hidden gem in the middle of the wilderness with trail angels, hiker boxes, surprise adventures & love of a different kind. With your home on your back, you will be surprised by all of the places the trail will take you & the vast changes of scenery you will see in just one day. You will be astounded by the hiking community… bonds will form that will stay strong for years to come; these people have become family to you.
When I did my first thru-hike, it was absolutely nothing like what people told me it was like. I asked hundreds of people what the mountains were like, hiking in the snow, carrying a heavy pack, sleeping in a tent. I watched videos, did research (for a good year), I had a deep curiosity for what the hiking community was like, how resupplying worked & how you had to hitchhike everywhere. NOTHING was like what I thought it was. It was two different experiences. One was imagined in my mind, the other was in real life actually experiencing it. It is truly one of those things that you will never understand until you just go out & do it. 👣🏔