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The rest of my tramily hit the finish line!!!!! 🎉🎊🥳
It has been so beyond joyous to see all of their faces again before I hitched out. ❤️
Our day consisted of hanging at the trailhead for a couple hours, celebrating several hikers hit the finish line & gifting them with trail magic. We all went to get pizza at what I consider my favorite pizza place now (Fired Up Pizza)!! 🍕 We got vegan ice cream as dessert & we read a book about Sextrology & learned about one another’s zodiac signs. I got my pack fixed up by 3 hikers who work at REI, which btw, I almost cried from how much better my pack felt. It feels 15 pounds lighter & I feel ready to take on the trail again! 👣🏔 Ended the night with going to an Indian Cuisine where they took 3 hours to serve us our food. We were about to knock out on the table from how sleepy we were. 😂 We made it back to a really shitty motel where we watched Bohemian Rhapsody & ate microwaveable popcorn. Funky & I slept on the closet floor. #hikertrash101