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I hitched a ride to Arizona this morning. I waited somewhere around 10 minutes when I got picked up by a guy in a van. I leaned inside his window as he asked where I was going & I said “Flagstaff!”
I became BEST friends with him. His name was Aaron. He was on his way to visit his sons & we talked one another’s ears off about UFO’s, covid being a hoax, relationships, traveling, past-life regressions, EVERYTHING. We wore our hearts on our sleeves & connected mind to mind in a way he said he hasn’t done in a long time. We listened to the Eagles as he drove me out of his way to go explore Four Corners, get Taco Bell & to top it off he took me to Sedona which is something that has been on my bucket list for years! I soaked up the energy of the area. My eyes explored the deep red hues of the mountains & I took in the licorice pine scent which had me feeling higher than drugs ever have… I cried deeply from the overwhelming beauty.
Aaron was such a blessing. I felt comfortable to talk & joke with him about anything. He told me later that he drove past me the first time he saw me hitching & Spirit told him in a clear voice to turn around & pick me up because he was going to have a good time. I’m really glad he trusted the guidance.
He & I cried when we said goodbye, however we both knew we would reunite. We made a pinky-promise that I would text him once I got a hitch to Tahoe. ❤️