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Today, I experienced a variety of hitches in terrible spots.
First guy who picked me up did a big turn around to come get me because he felt I had good energy (I love when people do that). He was moving to San Fran. We had a language barrier, however his son was sweet enough to translate.
Next hitch, the guy drove me several miles out of his way so I would be out of town. He said I’d never get a ride where I was standing.
Third guy was a biker. He showed me “boobie mountain”. He dropped me off by a casino & told me I’d have good luck since all the truck drivers were there. One of the guys honked & asked where I was going. Told him Tahoe. He asked if I gave good head. Out of all my years traveling, this was the first time I felt a feeling of disrespect this strong. Regardless, I brushed it off & went back to hitching.
A meth guy pulled up & told me he’d come back in 30 minutes to give me a ride. I told him I was good. I will never deny my intuition & take a ride just out of convenience. Prayed to Spirit to keep me safe.
That’s when a lovely man named Anthony showed up, a super gangster Hispanic man. Listened to rap music really loud, had silver teeth & tattoos on his face. I always tune into how I’m feeling energetically & although it was not my vibe, I felt super safe. He was only going to Vegas so he dropped me off there. He gave me his number in case I needed a place to stay. I hitched for about an hour & a half in the worst location & decided to say fuck it & get ice cream. Anthony picked me up & I thought I would just crash on his couch for the night, but instead he bought me a hotel room. He wanted me to have a nice place to stay since I wasn’t in the best part of town. I nearly cried. I asked him if I could buy him groceries, take him out to eat, anything & he wouldn’t accept… said he just wanted me to be safe & comfy.
Later he called to tell me how he recently got out of prison & how he found God. He feels Jesus is great & has steered him in a better direction. He also used to train hop & hitch around so he understands how difficult it can be.
Now, to enjoy some pizza & Harry Potter before I make my way out in the morning. 🍕
Apparently I was hitching on Boulder Hwy, not realizing what it was notorious for.