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Met a guy at the park named Davion; went to explore Mount Charleston & some caves before going to Tahoe. 🏔 I told him I liked his confidence, he said “you gotta pursue the things you want, otherwise you’ll never get it.”
What really happened: I intuitively felt some killer vibes coming up, but nothing too strong. He took me up to the mountain & I later found out he had a gun, which he said he would use on a bear. We began kissing & then he lead me to some caves. I couldn’t tell if I was turned on or nervous because I’ve always had some weird murderer fantasy. I began blowing him in the cave, can’t say I really wanted to, but it happened. I knew at first I didn’t want to have sex with him since I would be meeting up with another guy, however it just sorta happened. I told him not doggystyle since it hurts me. He suggested otherwise & I felt I had no choice since he had a gun. He was very standoffish at the end.