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Big Meadow to Dick’s Pass: Today, there was so much smoke that I could barely see anything. I really enjoyed it, though. I didn’t experience many issues other than a little bit of congestion & a slight watering in the eyes. In fact, I found it surreal. It smelled like a campfire all day. My friend John once shared with me a perception of wildfires being a giant sage-ing for the world. That has stuck with me since. ❤️
I reconnected on the PCT today which brought up some very nostalgic memories. It’s funny because there were only a few moments where I recognized the trail. I DEFINITELY recognized Dick’s Pass. 😅 At least it wasn’t so hot up the climb this time through. I also was amazed how much different the trail looked compared to when I hiked it on the record snow year. The streams I had to cross were nothing compared to 2019. Back then I just had the expectation that my feet would be wet all day & I had to just suck it up. Grateful to be totally dry this year. 🙏🏻
I went skinny dipping in Lake Aloha. The views were incredible, however the terrain was extremely painful to walk on. It was several miles of jagged rocks & my ass decided it wouldn’t be so bad with tennis shoes (I wanted to wear out the shoes I had shipped from home).