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I set a thought out into the Universe before I left Chicago about how all I wanted to do was runaway & hitch to Nevada City just to go to Ecstatic Dance.
Today, my vision came true. Mushroom Man (my friend from the Big Island) messaged me & asked if I wanted to meet up with him in Nevada City to go to E-Dance (only a two hour hitch away). I was speechless. It is amazing how Spirit always has Divine Timing. I mean, it was a Tuesday… 😂
E-Dance saved my life many times. It has helped me let go of burdens & weights I’ve held in my heart. It has brought me to break walls & blockages that I subconsciously built up so I could find my Self again through the rhythm of dance. I had blisters all over my feet & have been sore from thru-hiking but it didn’t even matter. I just wanted to dance & release any lingering pain from my mind.
Mahalo, Mushroom Man for capturing this & for all the adventures. I had so much fun laughing to tears with you & for our many hour long conspiracy talks. I loved eating tubs of ice cream with you & dancing our way through galactic portals. I will forever cherish this day. Aloha & a hui hou. 🙏🏻
“Hang on a sec, I need to get away from the voices.”
“Good luck!” 🤣😂😂