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I got a hitch to Grass Valley by a guy named Brian (looked like an exact replica of Jason Bateman). He bought me my favorite coffee from Dutch Bros; actually it was a tie between @whitesheepop. He invited me to his place to cook me some turkey burgers; might just go. 😋
I got dropped off at BriarPatch Co-op which has huge sentimental meaning to me. This guy brought me here a few years back & had me try one of their vegan burgers. We were road tripping in a U-Haul together & he was the one that got me super into shibari. The next time I came here was with a guy I was trimming weed with in Oregon & we stopped to hangout here. The sun was setting & we began to contact dance right there in the parking lot. It was a moment of Divinity. Wild & free, not a care in the world… feeling protected by Angels & in a state of full surrender.
Every time I am at this Co-op, people just come up & talk to me, with smiles & curiosity. People don’t really do that in Chicago. This guy approached me & said “you look like a thru-hiker… you need a ride somewhere?” Just as I was about to hitch. The manifestation energy here reminds me of Hawaii. #onpoint
He told me his daughter thru-hiked the PCT twice. She lives in Hawaii on the Big I & works at the Tin Shack (10 mins. away from my community). Small world!!! His name was Norman & he was also playing an active role in waking people up about masks/vaxxines. Mahalo for your courage. 🙏🏻
I went to Nevada City Classic Cafe & immediately felt this would be a place I’d be actively visiting when passing through. Old time music, old time vibe. 🎼
The owner Genevieve, a darling French redhead woman, approached me several times. She was so gentle in her mannerisms. A walking piece of art with a story behind her eyes. She said I reminded her of herself when she was younger. She used to hitch around Europe, having no fear in her heart. She believed that energy attracted like energy. She never researched where she was going, just let her travels be guided by her intuition. She was drawn to the West Coast & told her father she was heading there. The moment she stepped foot in Nevada City, she knew this is where she wanted to reside.