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Paul lured me in with steaks & mac n cheese to get me to spend another night. He knows a hiker’s weakness. 😂
I started my moon & he has been taking care of me with cookies, pastries, ice cream, you name it. He donated me his bear canister & a bunch of mountain houses for my upcoming hikes. 😱 The amount of gratitude I have for this man is off the charts!
I took an hour in the middle of the day to call a lover. I laid on my back in the middle of a sidewalk, staring up at the trees & listened to his voice merged with the rush of cars in the background. I felt so at peace & giddy with happiness. Comfort in new places.
My father & I talked over the phone as well & I could feel him smiling. He said to me “I think it’s time for you to come home”. I smiled & said “you miss me, don’t you? 😉” I miss you, too, Dad.
I got to meet Paul’s family. I absolutely love when people trust me with my presence to be a part of their personal experiences. We went out to his local bar so I could meet more of his friends. Despite being on my moon, it felt nice to be out & experience a night in Portland… to get a taste of what a day in another person’s life was like.
Ryleigh had me try Crumbl cookies for the first time. Holy mother fucking shit. There is no going back after that experience. It took every fiber in my being to not devour every single one. I’ve never experienced such a sensation in my mouth from a cookie. 😱