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Sunset Beach to Cannon Beach
Today, I was convinced this trail didn’t exist due to its lack of trail markers. But as soon as I noticed that, I saw one! It’s not that popular of a trail yet. I am often looking at my map & asking people for directions. So far, everyone has been super helpful! As long as you’re kind of close to the coast, you’re on the right track. 😂

It has been pretty rainy/misty, similar to Washington. I was at Ecola State Park & decided it would be a good idea to start looking for a campsite since the rain started to pick up. A man walking in front of me seemed very excited to see my backpack & asked about my trek. His name was Matt & he offered me a place to camp in his backyard. His house was directly beside the trail, overlooking the coast. He desires to throw a hot-tub on the roof, which I fully support.

He gave me some sort of massage device to help my leg muscles. He cooked me filet wrapped in bacon, BBQ ribs, mashed potatoes & a heaping side of veggies. He gave me various fruits to eat (I highly recommend peaches from Costco). I also had the BEST banana bread I have ever tasted in my life! He spoiled me with cookies & ice cream & I naturally fell asleep with the sun set.

He told me he was impressed with how much I could eat. It is a talent, I must say. 😂 Having people feed me is by far what I appreciate the most on my backpacking journeys. I have spent buttloads of money just on food. Good thing I don’t drink when I’m traveling, otherwise I’d be broke.
He was really creepy once I got settled in. As soon as he closed the door & we were inside, he commented on my legs & said he’d love to see them naked. I thought my leg hair would be a repellent but it seems that my legs are what men comment on a lot. Later he made a comment saying “I bet you like getting fucked like an animal, too, don’t ya?” It genuinely caught me off guard because he was putting in ice cream for me at the time. Later on, I was getting settled in & I did a body stretched & let out a moan in which he said “I’m okay with you snoring, I can handle that. What I can’t handle is your moans”. It felt like I couldn’t do anything without him sexualizing it. It sucked. It’s not worth it to me to get a warm place to stay & food if it comes along with a creepy guy trying to fuck me every time.