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Day 3 (Cannon Beach to Manhattan Beach):
Matt made me some bacon & eggs with toast to get me started for my trek this morning. So far this trail is has been at the top with the PCT for me. It’s funny because I’m not into water much at all. I’m more of a mystical forest kinda gal, but somehow the Oregon Coast has my heart. It has it all: forest, ocean, endless roads.
I have never seen anything like it. The way that the ocean meets the clouds, it’s as though it is merging with Heaven. The clouds would even form what looked like waves making it seem as though I was walking through a surreal reality.
I did quite a bit of road walking today; I honestly don’t mind it. The views are beautiful & for the most part, the 101 is easy to walk on. I really love how the trail goes through so many towns as well. Anytime I want a burrito or some cookies, I can just stop in & buy some!
I met another thru-hiker at the end of the day. His name was Slingblade & he was going northbound. We both looked so happy to see one another, especially me, since I haven’t seen any other thru-hikers as of yet.
Once I got to Nehalem Bay, I hailed a ferry to come pick me up. Google told me to wave my arms frantically & they would come. I’ve never done that before so that was super exciting. 🤩 I walked alongside the railroad for a couple more miles & stealth camped for the night.