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Day 4 (Manhattan Beach to Sand Lake Recreation Area):
I found a lay in a free box during my road walk. I will wear it till the end of my trek. 🌸
I had to cross Tillamook Bay with a Ferry (which apparently was non-existent). So the alternate route was a road walk. I’m so cute because I always assume I’ll be able to cross it if the “tide is low”. It appears so small on the map & then I see it in person & I’m like holy fuck no.
I merged onto the Octopus Tree Trail momentarily which I adored! The trail itself felt like a tentacle; groovy & windy. 🐙
I was supposed to do the Cape Meares Trail, however there was caution tape all over the signs. There were 3 different trails so I didn’t know which one was closed off specifically & decided to just send it.
About .1 in, I realized nobody had walked there for a while, due to plants growing over the trail & various spiderwebs that I walked through. I continued on to see a bunch of blow downs, which at first were passable & then I came across some MASSIVE trees that have fallen directly on the path. I was using various methods to get over & around. I finally made it over only to see another blowdown that was even bigger. The trail was nonexistent at this point & I decided to turn around after 45 minutes of stubbornly grabbing onto loose ferns & walking through debris. It was one thing if it was a flatter mountain but it was just too steep to fuck around with. On the other side of the trail, there was a clear sign saying “DANGER”. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
I met a guy on the side of the road who was using some suction tube in the mud so I asked him what he was doing. He said he was collecting crawfish for bait & told me to come down so he could show me. He immediately started talking about my legs, giving me compliments on my hair & tattoos… telling me he loved me, so I decided to keep walking. I usually find those moments really funny, it happens on the daily (if I run into people)… I just perceive people as kids masquerading as adults; not knowing how to control what they say/how they behave. All innocent yet at the same time, I don’t have to stand there & deal with it.