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Day 7 (Devil’s Punch Bowl to the Subway in Waldport):
My friend Goose who I met on the CT momentarily joined me for some road walking. We starting making around about 7 minutes into seeing each other & he told me my kisses were too wet so I told him it probably wasn’t going to work out. We had some fruit compote crepes in Newport & parted ways. ❤️
There was a lot of beach walking today which I was super stoked about. I asked Spirit for a shower since it’s been 6 days. My friend Tiki set me up with a woman who offered me her open apartment to stay in for the night & take a shower. She had a bubbly personality & was an absolute sweetheart. I showered & decided to slackpack a few more miles. I ended up at Subway & decided to get a foot long with a few cookies for dinner.
I talked to Bubbly over the phone for almost an hour which was extremely therapeutic. It was so nice hearing her voice & feeling her energy with me. We spoke of our future plans to hike & reunite with the tramily. ❤️ I fell asleep listening to Jp Sears videos.