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I ran into my friend Prodigy & reconnected with him. I met him on the PCT in ‘19 & he did a shakedown for me (I was carrying around 15 pounds of pinecones 😅). He got me an AWESOME custom pee rag made by Kula Cloth with a picture of me when we first met.
I got the signature Cascade Locks swirly ice cream cone with Ethan. I met a woman in line who didn’t believe in the covid narrative & we vibed hard.
Ended up drinking White Claws for the day since someone brought some coolers full of it ALONG WITH Voodoo Doughnuts!!!! I was stoked. I got to have my favorite doughnut (maple bacon) which was a goal of mine to get since I’m in Oregon.
I ended up flirting with this super sexy guy named Quadzilla. I must’ve stared at his legs for a good 20 minutes. 😅 We hit it off & had very similar interests. He has done Vipassana many times which has been a dream of mine for quite some time. He has hiked many long distance trails & is super into cinematography & fighting fires.
We cuddled up in the grass as they announced the raffle winners. The announcer was fucking hilarious. I was crying from laughing so much. He used so much dark humor. It made it even funnier because it seemed like people in the crowd weren’t finding it funny. Pretty sure he knew nothing about hiking because he was roasting every company’s equipment & mispronouncing the brand names. I lost it when he pronounced “Hoka” as “Hookah”. 😂
Quadzilla & I went out for a beer & some smash burgers. We talked about manifestation, ayahuasca & how trippy this life we’re apparently living is. We ended the night by making love in his tent, followed by some warm cuddles. He asked me about Hawaii & I talked about it for what seemed like over an hour… about my tribe, Pele, the aina, the food, the crazy stories & I could not smack the smile off my face. I felt so grateful that someone let me talk about something I was so passionate about. It reminded me of how blessed I am to have found my tribe & a place that feels so close to my heart. ❤️