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My friend Shenanigans picked Quadzilla & I up to join him for his adventure to Umpqua Hot Springs (one of my faves). We road-tripped through the windy forest roads & I couldn’t even recognize the area due to the forest fires. Pele taught me a lot about impermanence. She helped me understand how exploring the world is something to cherish because I never know when something will disappear.
We went soaking for several hours & the entire time we talked about conspiracy theories. It’s so funny because every single time I go there I do the same exact thing & I freaking love it. 😂Afterwards, Quadz & I ate chicken wings in the parking lot & talked about urine therapy. Shenanigans told me there were no health benefits in drinking another person’s pee. ☹️
The following morning we started making our way to Waldport. Shenanigans played the song ‘White Winter Hymnal’ on his iPod & I watched Quadzilla in the passenger seat gently close his eyes & tune into the song. He exposed a soft smile as though he couldn’t help but express the warmth he was feeling. The sweetest of moments… requiring nothing of you but your present moment awareness.
We stopped at Morning Glory Cafe in Eugene to enjoy some breakfast (x2). I thought we looked really cute sitting outside around a tiny table together. I felt as though we were in Europe. There were a couple of girls next to us who we gawked at. I attempted to flirt with them & the boys just roasted me. Fun fact about me: I do not know how to flirt with women. They make me go stupid.
We stopped at Grocery Outlet so I could buy a pineapple for a girl who hosted me before I left for PCT days. I later found out that was a way that swingers would communicate in public to signal to other swinger couples that they were interested. I thought that was hilarious because that was often the gift I chose to bring to peoples’ houses as a “thank you for having me” gift without realizing it had that meaning. 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
They dropped me off at her house so I could spend the night before my trek. She took me out for dinner & I quickly learned that she was polyamorous. When we made it back home we snacked on some chocolate brownie cookies & shared stories. The whole time we were both talking a lot so as not to dwell in the silent nervousness between the spaces. But then came a point where we both went silent for a good 10 seconds & we just busted out laughing. She goes, “This is the part where we both become awkward because we don’t know how to make a move & we are both wondering if the other is attracted to the other. Am I right?” I nodded shyly & said, “Yes… 🙈 sooo, is it okay if I kiss you?” & she nodded in excitement. We scooched closer into one another & our lips met softly. We explored one another’s tongues for a couple of minutes & then started giggling away.
One of her partners was feeling unease that we were possibly experiencing sexual feelings for one another so she took space to go talk it out with them. At one point her partner came in to meet me & we all enjoyed some snacks & shared some lovely conversations. I was so grateful I got to meet someone who happened to be so close to her. I love how caring she is with each person. She makes sure that no boundaries are being crossed on either side. With fierce confidence backed up by unconditional love, she communicates her feelings clearly, yet is very receptive to how the other person feels. She taught me the importance of communicating the desires of my heart. ❤️
I got super embarrassed about eating a muffin before making out with her & she goes, “I like it. Now everytime I eat lemon poppyseed muffins, I’ll be associating them with your kisses.”