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Day 8 (Subway in Waldport to Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint):
Holly dropped me off at Subway & I started my trek. I stopped to journal for a few minutes by the beach & she came up behind me to surprise me & give me a kiss. What a sweetheart.
I called Hope Johnson & talked to her for a while. Just feeling her presence over the phone immediately brought a sense of calmness into my being & I felt as though everything was okay. It is so easy to be honest with her & not bullshit about what is really going on in my mind. I strive to be that way with everyone. I could honestly just listen to her laugh & that’s all I would need to remember my purpose in life.
Quadz & I saw our first orca just moments before stealth camping. He also gave me a new trail name as he said “Cotton” didn’t suit me. It is now “Freyja”. ❤️🔥 I was cuddled up in his arms at night as he told me the story of why it fits me so well. He said she is a Goddess who radiates high sexual power & is possessed by no one. People come to her & appreciate the gifts she brings, but she cannot be confined nor contained. A Goddess of Love & Sex; known to be a mistress. Her love is free & plentiful; connected to shamanistic magic. ✨🧚🏼‍♀️✨