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Day 9 (Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint to Sand Dunes Rd):
I felt I was in Heaven today as I walked through the forest beside the coast… an experience of witnessing two different worlds merging together. 🌲🌊
I was road walking for at least 10 miles when this woman stopped in the middle of the HWY & asked if I was hiking the Oregon Coast & I said yeah & she said, “Get in the car!!” So I hopped in the backseat with my entire bag because we were in the middle of 101. I started laughing at the momentary panic of the situation & I go, “You are so sweet, but I don’t want to skip miles!” & she proceeded to tell me she wrote the book for the Oregon Coast Trail! She goes, “Screw the road walking! It’s dangerous! You came to hike the coast. I’ll take you to the beach!” She drove me a mile & a half & then parted ways. ❤️
Met a bike-packer named Mike who joined us on our last mile together. We found an awesome spot tucked away in the forest that reminded us all of Narnia so we decided to stealth camp there. 🏕