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Day 10 (Sand Dunes Rd to Umpqua Lighthouse State Park):
Met a guy on the beach who stopped to ask me where I was hiking to. I told him California. We chit chatted for a bit & then I told him I was going to keep walking since I had 14+ miles of beach walking left. 10 seconds into my walk he yelled, “Hey! I did some thinking about what you’re doing right now & I just wanted to say you’re fucking crazy! Did you know you’re crazy?” 😂 He offered to buy me a drink once I got to the next town & I said, “I don’t really drink, but I’ll take a burger!” So we agreed that he would drink gin while I ate a burger.
Met some guys that looked fresh out of high school that were biking-packing the Oregon Coast. We ended up running into each other at Safeway & we talked for a good 2 hours. I asked if they do biker names the way that hikers do. Turns out they don’t. But one of the guys was open to starting the trend so he got the name Tincture Bell from constantly using tinctures. As we were saying our goodbyes, a drunk guy stopped us in our path. He was waving his arms in a dramatic effect & started aggressively performing poetry at us. He was holding us captive as he was so loud & passionate that it just made us stop in our tracks. I looked at one of the cyclists right next to me & he looked scared shitless. Made my day. 😂
Later, I hung out with the dude who was making ribs for Safeway. He called me weird for requesting a fork to eat my ice cream. Quadz showed up & laughed at me… said everytime he sees me, I’m making new friends. Holly once said that every single person you meet is super interesting. I could not agree more. Everyone has something unique to offer to the world & there is no such thing as chance encounters. Strangers are only friends you have not met yet. ❤️