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Day 11 (Umpqua Lighthouse State Park to Coos Bay):
We woke up to a bunch of birds simultaneously shitting on our tent. Started my trek & called my mom. She told me it was unacceptable that I didn’t call her to let her know I was alive. 😂 I told her I was still walking to Cali & that I planned on exploring the redwoods afterwards. She goes, “& THEN you’re coming home??” It makes me smile so much because she finds it too hippy dippy to just say that she misses me.
There were at least 20 dudes on their dirt-bikes the stopped near the shoreline. I walked right past them, smirked & waved gently. I love the way they just stared me down… I slowed my walk so they could watch me. A few of them immediately started revving up their engines & started doing wheelies. It’s those moments when I fantasize about an orgy unfolding. 😈
Listened to Lana at the end of the night & watched my favorite movie ‘Lolita’ with Quadzilla. ❤️ I got turned on & gave him the “have your way with me” eyes. He gripped my neck & mounted me from behind as he called me his dirty little sex slave & naturally I began drooling. I put his fingers in my mouth so he could shut me up & put me to sleep for the night.