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Day 13 (Devil’s Kitchen to The Salty Dawg in Port Orford):
Today’s beach walk brought up so much frustration in me. The sand was sloped & we walked a good 16 miles on it. I cannot describe the pain & difficulty of walking on nearly dry sand with a 40 pound pack. 😱
We got off the beach at the nearest exit to road walk instead. 10 miles later we met up at ‘The Salty Dawg’ & a lovely girl named Altaira approached me & asked if I was hiking the OCT. She told me her & her dad do trail work on the southern portion just for fun!
She was in her 30’s & I found her to be such a badass. She had so much life experience already & grew up with a family that didn’t enforce fear on her. Growing up, she had the freedom to explore/adventure with no conditions. It was no surprise to me that she was so well-rounded in her skills & mindset. She also inspired me to try everything once & to push myself out of my comfort zone even more than I have been.
She just bought a piece of land in her hometown of Port Orford & invited us over to camp out for the night. A few of her other friends joined us & we formed a big slumber party in the woods with shrooms, ice cream & cupcakes. We cowboy camped under the Milky Way & slept soundly in the crisp Autumn air.