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Day 14 (Humbug State Park to Gold Beach):
Quadz & I got dropped off at Humbug State Park & I snapped a photo of him brushing his teeth in the parking lot. We laughed our asses off at the way other people must perceive us. Just prior to this we talked about how our family members are becoming millionaires, getting married, having kids & we are out here walking hundreds of miles for fun, living in the middle of the wilderness & smelling like sweat/dirt at the end of the day. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.
We walked most of the day & took a small break at the Nesika Beach Market. We wanted pizza but still had some miles left so we said we would put it in the hands of the Universe to decide for us if we were going to hitch or walk. As soon as we said that, a bus pulled up & asked if we wanted a ride to town. We just looked at each other & laughed. The bus ride was awesome; the driver was making us smile & was very interested in our adventure.
We went to a place in Gold Beach called ‘The Crow’s Nest’. I said I would only eat there if they had pesto base as an option. The guy working there goes, “I doubt you’re going to find any place that uses pesto here. Basil is more expensive than weed in this town.” He made us laugh so we decided to stay. He gifted us some chilled chocolate truffles & made me a specialty cherry Coca Cola. I told Quadz we had to tie a knot from the cherry stem using our tongues because it meant we were great kissers. We tried for a good 10 minutes & just ended up getting super frustrated & said, “This is bullshit. We are phenomenal kissers. This doesn’t mean shit.” 😂
The server was making us laugh so much. First thing he said when he came up to the table was, “Now don’t fuck this up. This sauce is mild & THIS one is spicy.” Later on he asked if I make fires when I camp & I told him I didn’t know how & he goes, “How the fuck don’t you know how to make a fire? That’s the number one thing you should know how to do in case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere.” I seriously love when restaurants let their servers be themselves. Those are the places that have me coming back over & over. ❤️