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Day 16 (Secret Beach to Brookings):
We made it to Brookings (only about 7 miles from the Cali border). We were going to slack-pack to the border but decided to get a room instead. We went to a mexican restaurant & I FaceTimed my mom because I needed her to ship out a shirt that I bought online. I told her it was from Poshmark & she grabbed a different package & I told her not to open it & she goes, “I’m going to open it.” She opened it & it was a crop top that said, “No alcohol for me, only drugs. Thanks.” My face turned so red. 😂
We went to get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream & microwaveable french toast. Today, I learned that the hotel fridges have freezers inside them. We decided to order a pesto based pizza. I don’t know why it is always so funny & difficult to order food over the phone. We talk to people all day, but ordering a pizza gives us anxiety. 😂
At the end of the night, we watched ‘It’s Always Sunny’. Once we finished, we cuddled up in the dark & expressed the feelings we have been experiencing. I felt I was reliving my younger years. Sleepovers with my friends, talking about life, asking questions, being vulnerable with our expressions.