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~Growth on this trip~
Day 17 (Brookings to Cali Border):
I officially completed the OCT!! 🎉🎊 Once we made it to the Cali border, we hitched in opposite directions. Quadz was heading north to go do the CT. I was heading south to meet up with Bryce to do the LCT.
I made it to Trinidad & saw a cute guy at the forest preserve. I approached him & asked if he was from the area & if he could recommend a place for me to camp. He had an accent so I asked where he was from & turns out he was Lithuanian. We were both mind blown as that was both our first experience meeting another Lithuanian randomly. To top it off, he was also from the Chicago area!
He had a van that he was traveling in with his girlfriend, however she was in a different part of California for some time. He made me some home cooked potatoes with the secret seasoning that every Lithuanian uses & we just talked stories. It felt so healing to just be with a fellow Lithuanian & re-experience our culture. 🇱🇹
He brought me to a rest stop so I could set up camp. I cowboy’d under some tall pine trees & set up my mat among a blanket of pine needles. We sat on my mat & ate candy until I got tired & called it a night. 🌲