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One of my favorite things about Bryce was that he didn’t comply with government mandates. We were always on the same page when we went grocery shopping or out to eat. If a business told us to put a mask on, we just said no thank you, or we simply wouldn’t support the business & go elsewhere. We only had one instance at Comfort Inn where a lady refused to give us the room key if Bryce didn’t put on a mask. He didn’t argue, he simply canceled his payment & said he would find another hotel that would take his money. She said we wouldn’t find any place that would offer us a room. We drove a mile to get to Days Inn & got a room, no problem. The workers were beyond sweet & there were no issues. A lot of people choose to keep putting the mask on thinking that things will get “better”, it’s more convenient or doing so to avoid confrontation. I loved that Bryce always had the confidence to stand strongly in his truth. Super fucking attractive.

The hotel was just what we needed after hiking the LCT. We had some x-rated fun… normally I don’t mind sharing the details, but this specifically would be too much for fb. 😅

We spent several hours driving together, eating bomb ass food, followed by Bryce abruptly stopping the car so I could collect some pinecones on the side of the road.

I enjoyed that he was never afraid to get super messy with me. We always had dirt on our hands & each other’s drool on our lips. We’ve only known each other for about a month, but it feels as through we’ve spent lifetimes together. Definitely one of my favorite lovers. We’ll be meeting up again in Sedona to go trick or treating. 🥰 ❤️
Started my moon cycle today. Bryce ate me out & fucked me regardless. He choked me, spit in my mouth as he was peeing inside me. Then called me his dirty little slut.