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(X-rated) I got a room at ‘Sun & Sand Motel’. I vibed with the owner so well! She gave me a hiker discount & let me do laundry. We talked of manifestation & the importance of being specific when asking the Universe for things. 💖
I noticed some cute guys unpacking to stay in the room next to mine so decided it would be fun to seduce them. I walked out in nothing but my towel & began flirting with them. Their names were Greg & Doug. I was extra attracted to Greg. He was 37, tatted & had a deep voice that made me whimper inside. We all sat outside & enjoyed some drinks. The owner of the motel joined us, along with the mailman, Arnie. Arnie told us how he loves this town because they never once took the mandates seriously. Since the beginning, no one wore masks nor got vaccines. If they did, it was a personal choice.
I could tell Greg & Doug were both competing over me… I get so turned on when men compete over me. Doug went to go take a shower & Greg sat in front of me. He told me how Doug was super into me & asked if I was interested in him. I gripped his upper thigh, locked eyes & said “I’m into both of you.” He took a hit from his cigarette & my mouth became wet. Huge aphrodisiac for me. Doug came back out to join us. I attempted to be good, but I couldn’t help sliding my foot up & down Greg’s leg as I teased him with my eyes. His dog’s leash accidentally got tangled around my legs… tightening each time he made a movement. I was getting turned on as I was reminiscing about the way ropes felt gripping around my body.
I asked Greg if he had any water he could offer me. He took me into his room, shut the door & grabbed me as though he couldn’t wait any longer. He kissed me with his open mouth & pulled me close into his body. I grabbed his chin & told him I wanted to feel his c*** inside of me. He promised me I would. I blushed & told him I was a lucky little girl.
We drove to the gas station. I was in the backseat & I laid on the center console… innocently looking up at them… my eyes begging for both of them to kiss me. Greg went inside to buy cigarettes & in the meantime Doug began to give me Spider-Man kisses as he unzipped my shorts & played with me. He gripped my neck & played with my ni**les. I loved feeling like his little s** toy. We stopped at another gas station to get beer. This time Doug went inside & Greg grabbed me by the neck & started having his way with me. I loved sharing my spit & having him taste his friend off my lips.
We got back to the motel. I told Greg I was dying to know what he tasted like. I grabbed his bulge while looking him dead in the eyes & said “I want both of you at the same time”. Unfortunately, Doug wanted me to himself. So, we had our fun separately. He explored me as I arched my back, moaning to the Heavens… I opened my eyes to see the bed frame & thought to myself how much I love playing in the bedroom. It’s such a happy place for me to express myself.
Eventually, we rejoined the party. Arnie was making us all some ribs. Greg’s hands were all messy with sauce so I licked his fingers clean… just trying to help in any way I could. 😉 I secretly touched him under the table & let him know how much I needed him. His energy confident & bold; he snuck into my room with a cigarette hanging off his lips. Beautiful. Told him I wanted to taste it off him. As I took his shirt off, I drooled onto my chest. He threw me onto the bed, however I wanted to be in control, so I rode him as he was hanging off the bed. He filled me up & I felt I could finally go to bed in peace. 😈
I had so much fun, however I miss having multiple men at the same time. Asking the Universe for some men who are open to being around/with other men… all the wild ones seem to be in Hawaii.
We ended the night with the group & talked about God for a good hour & the gifts He has brought us. After, we made ‘It’s Always Sunny’ references for another hour & at the very end, Arnie goes, “Hey guys, I just want to tell you… the ribs you all just ate was actually human meat.” 🤣👌🏼