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Perks of hiking alone: cute guys consistently ask you out on dates.
Got 2 for tonight. 😈 It still fascinates me how much I let men motivate my life. Going up the Grand Canyon was STEEP & what was getting me motivated was thinking about my upcoming date. I started fantasizing & wondering what would happen; getting lost in arousing stories.
Nick was late by more than an hour which was an extreme turn off. One of the biggest mood killers for me is a guy that is late. I think it’s because I’ve always been early to places/events so when I experience lateness I feel a lot of anxiety come up.
He picked me up & we went out for a couple beers at the ‘Yippee Ei O!’ in Tusayan. The scene made us giggle as it was extremely country style; cow patterns everywhere.
I had him sit on the same side of the booth as me so I could put my legs over his thighs. I felt we had extremely similar personalities so it was easy to get along right from the get-go. The Universe granted my wish when I asked to be brought men who were into orgies. He happened to be suuuper into them, but I didn’t specify that I wanted an active experience of it. 😂 We decided we would make one happen in the distant future.
We made it back to his car & I asked him to make out with me on the side of the HWY so people could watch us. I love the feeling of undeniable lust between two strangers. We drove to the trailhead I was camped at & we hopped in the back of his car. He was listening to the sighs I was making in order to figure out what it was that I liked. (It really is that simple guys 😅) I got f***** hard & got him all scratched up… with me, that means you’re doing a good job. 😈 I was surprised he was younger than me; only 21. I really did not expect it due to him being so confident in his personality.
So, after fogging up the windows & catching our breath, we went into my tent to eat some cookie butter since he mentioned he never tried it. I gave him a big spoon & it got stuck to the roof of his mouth & caused him to get a lisp… made me laugh to the point of tears. He said I was brave for camping out in the middle of the forest by myself. Hearing that always makes me laugh. I guess I have a different definition of bravery.
He got pretty rapey on me the next day. He took me out for breakfast & offered to drive me back to the trailhead. He thought he was being cute by taking me down a random dirt road & attempting to f*** me again. I let him know I was in the middle of completing a goal & that it was already late afternoon & I didn’t get any miles in. He wasn’t accepting that as an answer. It is so obvious to me in these moments that this life is a movie because the experiences are so similar everytime. It actually becomes fun to get experiences of feeling like a guy is about to take advantage of me because I get another opportunity to try again in the way I respond. The same words were spoken as the guy I had a very traumatizing experience with & this time I felt much more light-hearted. At first I joked, “Ohhh this is the part where I’m obligated to have sex with you since you bought me breakfast.” He said yes & persisted. I laughed & told him he wouldn’t be able to convince me as I was more focused on hiking. He took it as a challenge & became more aggressive in his approach. That was the moment I grabbed his chin, looked him dead in the eyes & said, “Be a fucking man & control yourself.” I felt like someone took over my body when that came out of my mouth. I also felt I was simply sick of these experiences so it was much easier to be bold. Afterwards, he blamed me for being “fuckable” & brought up how it would only be an extra hour out of my day.
It’s annoying because I am often a one & done kinda girl & then I want to move on with what I was doing. I enjoy playing the game & understanding when it’s over. It is much more attractive to me when a guy doesn’t try to grasp me & recognizes that I don’t want to be grasped. At the same time, I guess I could be more direct when I meet someone & let them know I’m only looking to have fun for one night.