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I decided to flip to Tuscon & start walking south to hit the border & then flip up & walk north. I had a variety of hitches yesterday, as no one was heading straight to Tuscon. I hung around Sedona & basked in the energy as I had my thumb out. Eventually I got a ride closer to a ramp headed towards Phoenix. The guy who drove me goes, “I thought you were a homeless drug addict but then I got a closer look & noticed you weren’t.” 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
Next, a pickup truck drove by super slowly to get a closer look at me. The man in the driver’s seat (Logan) stared me down with his jaw dropped open, as though he wanted to devour me. I actually laughed out loud at how obvious he made it. He pulled over & I told him I was heading to Tuscon & he goes, “Well kids, I guess we’re going to Tucson!” 😂 He had 3 boys in the car, 2 of which were his sons & the other which was a close family friend; all between 13-18 years old. They were hilarious & had the same sense of humor as me. They made jokes about how now that I was in the car with them that they were going to take me to their dungeon & skin me like a little lamb. They joked about gang bangs/rape & I could tell that they were just pushing my buttons since I was a girl hitchhiking alone. My favorite moment was when Logan pulled over so his kids could pee & one of them went too close to the car & he yelled at him to move further away so I wouldn’t see. His 13 year old kid looks me dead in the eye & goes, “Don’t worry. You won’t see my c***.” I laughed SO fucking hard. My little brother is the same age & doesn’t even know what that word means. 🤣
Behind their jokes, they were very respectful gentlemen. They fed me a bunch of pizza, made sure I was sitting comfortably & made me laugh during the whole ride. Logan kept looking at me in his rear view mirror saying that he recognized my eyes; that we’ve definitely known each other in a past life. I couldn’t agree more. I actually feel that way with most people I meet on the road… a reunited energy, like, “What’s up, friend?! Haven’t seen you since 100 lifetimes ago!” 😂Logan seemed to hold a lot of anger, but I could see right through his facade of being a macho man… he had a good heart but was going through some pain. I am very observant of my surroundings & I pay attention to the details & I got a sense that he hits his kids. There were several moments he would get triggered out of nowhere & would grab one of his kid’s arms & I could see how hard he was gripping them. He would clench his teeth & would say (what I considered) some emotionally abusive things. I could tell by the way he interacted with his children & by watching the way his children responded to him that something was going on. I didn’t feel it was my place to say or do anything as it was still only an assumption. However, there were several moments where I got to be alone with each one of them so I took some time to talk to them. I felt like I knew them & understood what they were feeling beyond what their personalities were presenting.
We went to a local bar called ‘Circle S Saloon’. It was about 30 minutes from Tucson & I got fed a bunch of smoked ribs, chicken wings & delicious dessert. One of the kids & I observed the people around us. His eyes held so much curiosity. He asked if I ever wonder about all the different ways that people were raised… if I wonder about the struggles they’re going through & how they’re getting out of it. I smiled & told him how I was just thinking about that. I was looking at the family sitting in front of us. A little girl happily eating a burger with her family. I wondered if she recognized how blessed she was. It was an eye opening moment because it showed me how blessed I am to have a family like that. One that loves me, feeds me & gives me a safe place to sleep. I could tell this boy was going through a difficult time with his family, so I talked to him about God. I told him how God can be defined in many ways, but for me Jesus comes up a lot. His eyes widened & lit up. He goes, “I believe in Jesus so much, but any time I talk about Him, people make fun of me. I also believe that crystals are real energetic beings but I also don’t talk about that because I get teased for that, too.” I told him to pay no attention & to just keep focused on God. He subliminally brought up family life a lot so I just gave him some of my own personal life examples of how I did a lot of self work & prayed a lot & how the perception of my family did a 180 & now we are really close. I also brought up how running away for some time helped me discover myself & better my relationship with my family. I told him about recognizing his worth & small steps he could take towards healing his mind. He was super super receptive & interested in new ways of growing.