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Anita took me hiking the next morning to check out a cool little nature spot. Afterwards, I got a ride to Patagonia. I started walking south to hit the border of Mexico. As I was walking down through the neighborhood, a man named Tracy asked where my trekking poles were. I told him I only had one left because I lost the other one while I was hitchhiking. He told me to come into his house & he would give me some new ones. He gave me a pair of metallic gold trekking poles which was an exact request I made to the Universe a couple of months ago. Ask & you shall receive. Everything is always provided for when you don’t feel as though you “need” it.
I walked 3 miles to get to the trailhead & the thunderclouds began rolling in. I watched the clouds go from blue to dark gray in a matter of minutes. I listened to the thunder get louder & louder & I laughed inside as I was just feeling absolutely done with walking in the rain. I took my backpack off & sat on the side of the road. It began raining on me & I entered a state of completely not giving a fuck. I didn’t bother covering myself or my belongings… I just sat there & stared into the grasses. I felt the Universe was bringing me a ride back to town so I could get a room for the night. Shortly, a sweet older man drive by & brought me straight to ‘Stage Stop Inn’. As soon as I got settled in, it down-poured for several hours.
I got the image of my little brother’s smile come to mind when I told him I’d be home for Halloween & I began to cry. I recognized how wholesome my family’s presence & happiness is to me.
The following day, I hiked out again. I walked 12 miles into the trail, which was NOT a trail by the way. It was completely overgrown with spiky bushes of different kinds. I kind of expected that as I hiked it pretty early in the season compared to when thru-hikers normally hike it. So, 12 miles in, everything hit me & it became clear to me that it was time to go home. I know I have the will power to complete the trail, however I haven’t been having fun anymore. I’ve been feeling this way for about a week now, but I’ve been stubborn & in denial.
I got a vision of the faces of my family, my friends, my co-workers & it was so clear to me that seeing their smiles was so much more worth it to me than continuing on backpacking the AZT. I walked 2,000 miles this summer & I feel my heart is full & joyous. I feel I got to live out my dream of hitchhiking, traveling & backpacking. I got everything I needed from this journey into my Self & I got all of the energy out of my system. Satisfied & complete, it is time for me to see my family again. ❤️