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In 2019, I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, totaling 2,653 miles. It was a journey that did a complete 180 on my life. Since the summer of 2021, I have been hitchhiking/backpacking across the states. I learned so much throughout these experiences that I got inspired to start writing a book, which for the meantime has turned into a blog for my website! I will have books on different topics but for the one I will be sharing on my website, it will be centered towards my backpacking/hitching adventures throughout each summer paired with many erotic encounters.

Since my business is directed towards sustainability and my passion for long-distance backpacking, I will be donating 2% of my profits to the Pacific Crest Trail Association (PCTA) and will raise it as my business develops. The trail completely changed the way I looked at life and I would love to give back to the aina in any way I can.

In 2016, I began reading a book titled A Course in Miracles (ACIM) which naturally became a daily meditation practice. It is what connects me to Spirit/God the most and reminds me of what my true purpose in this apparent world is. My main priority in this life is the relationship I have with God and the teachings He has in store for me. I will often be listening to Hope Johnson’s Wisdom Dialogue Podcasts while I am making a dress. Her dialogues are inspired by ACIM and help tune me into my present moment awareness.

Here is a list of my current goals:

#1: Purchasing and converting a van. It has been a dream of mine for several years to cruise around the states in my own cozy home and make macrame along the way!! I desire to make macrame/paintings/crafts and sell at local art fairs since I prefer meeting people in person rather than through a screen.

#2: I plan on thru-hiking every summer!!!
Here’s what thru-hikes your money has contributed to so far:

– Pacific Crest Trail (2,653 miles)

– Colorado Trail (490 miles)
– Tahoe Rim Trail (171 miles)
– Oregon Coast Trail (400 miles)
– Uinta Highline Trail (107 miles)
– Lost Coast Trail (25 miles)
– Arizona Trail (233 out of 789 miles)

2022 (goals):
– Continental Divide Trail
– John Muir Trail

Where the money specifically goes to:
Food: Hiker hunger is REAL. When I am thru-hiking, I can out-eat every guy I know. 😂 It’s funny until I’m spending $100 on lunch just for myself and having it just move right through my system.

Gear: Hiking gear can get pricey. I am the type of person to go thrifting and use the items until it is completely torn apart, but there are certain things I get new when it’s time (backpack, tent, sleeping pad).

Lodging: There are moments when plans change and it’s necessary to get off the trail, such as when heavy storms are passing through the mountains or trail injuries occur.

I normally reside in Chicago, IL between the end of October to the middle of April. During that time, I am spending time with family, working on my book and making macrame products in order to support my future travels. Once I find a trail I want to trek, I’m gone from spring-fall, living on the road and in the depths of the forests.