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MM 32.5: Walking through the desert reminded me of my first days on the PCT in Southern Cali. Except here, I experienced a true sense of remoteness. I looked around to see an abyss of hills, barbed wire fences surrounded by cacti and sage brush dispersed throughout the sand. I got a clear sense there was no one close to me, except for some cows! 😝
Got to HWY 81 and there was a water cache with 25+ gallons of water. I did a happy dance and took a siesta as I replenished myself with water and Reese’s. Ran into Dog Dad again as I was packing up my stuff. He asked if I needed anything. Such a simple question to ask, yet it can make one feel so loved and taken care of. Once we parted ways, I saw a jack rabbit!! 🐇
Overall, I felt incredibly grateful today. Although I have painful sunburn on the back of my hands/legs and my feet are swollen, I would lift my head to view the rolling desert hills and I would think to myself, “how can I be anything less than grateful?” I have legs to walk and eyes to see this incredible world, so why not take advantage of it? Even if my body hurts and I appear tired, I know I will survive the temporary discomfort. I am blessed to experience these moments on trail (and you are, too 😉).