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One of my friends told me he wishes I never lose the joy I experience when I look at the world with child’s eyes. I get so excited when I look at the mountains, a deer, the sunset. He told me that he lost sight of the beauty and doesn’t know if he’ll ever get it back.
It is easy for me to view the world with such eyes the more I simplify my life. The less stuff I have, the less I’m on my phone, the less I’m watching TV. Movies interest me here and there, but now I just watch them for inspiration. I can see how today’s generation has a hard time viewing the world with such excitement, for most of them have a VR set and they don’t even have to leave their room. I feel that is a prison of the mind.
I have been laying in my tent, observing the stars and I look back to when I was at home and I’m thinking, “how did I let 5 months go by without looking at the stars?”
Hiking forces you to slow down and my best days are when I have zero service on the trail and I naturally become enamored by what’s in front of me. The world becomes your virtual reality and it will always be more fun (in my opinion) when you actually get outside and breathe in the air rather than experience the world through some glasses.