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MM 98.1: Yesterday, I spent the night in Lordsburg since it was still raining from last night’s windstorm. I was paying for my takeout burger when Adam tapped on my shoulder to surprise me! He tried catching up to me yesterday and we were both momentarily bummed out that we didn’t get each other’s numbers. I told him it would’ve been nice to split a room, but we both already got one.
~By the way, yes, that is how comfortable people are right off the bat. Time is the trippiest thing out here. You meet people and you feel as though you have been friends for years. It is not uncommon for people to just meet and split rooms, go out to eat, use each other’s toenail clippers, etc. Heck, on the CT, the first day hiking with people I just met, I took my pants off at camp and we had conversations about the consistency of our poop. 😂~
So, I invited him over to come share my burger and watch Friends. He already bought himself McDonald’s so he just brought that over. He sat on the couch and I gave him a smirk and patted the bed signaling him to come sit next to me. We shared some bites and talked about how our experience in the windstorm was.
I found him to be incredibly attractive and the more I got to know him the more turned on I got. We had a very similar outlook on life. He didn’t buy into the media propaganda, is unvaccinated, loves to hitchhike, but most of all I got really turned on by him talking about hunting his own food. It was then that my eyes became drowsy with sex. I don’t know why that does it for me, but I associate it with primal/protector type energy.
We were cuddling together and I closed my eyes. After a couple of minutes I opened them to find him looking at me with fondness and curiosity. He quickly looked away and smiled. I playfully nudged my knee into his thigh and with my eyes told him to kiss me. Those are the moments I cherish most with whoever is in front of me. Those awkward, silly, honest moments. Where words don’t need to be communicated for the moment to be felt.
So yes. It was the perfect way to spend a cold, rainy day. We spent ALL day in bed relaxing and burned some extra calories, so I guess it was more like a nero day. 😉