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MM 143.5: Today, I cried from the beauty and tranquility I felt within me yet perceived outside of me. For a moment I felt as though I was cheating on the PCT with the CDT. Your first thru-hike feels like your first relationship that you never really got over. It took some letting go in my mind to hike a new long distance trail. I have a strong pull towards the west coast, but I have to focus on new dreams I feel called to accomplish, such as completing my triple crown before I turn 30. 💪🏼
I felt super dehydrated today. It was a super long water carry and last night I realized I brought the wrong water filter. This whole time I’ve been relying on caches so when it came time to filter, it was completely backed up and the water wouldn’t go through. Luckily, I had backup aqua tablets (basically bleach).
I normally don’t even filter when I’m drinking out of rivers and streams but this was standing water so that’s when I get a bit skeptical. I had a little over a liter for the next 10 miles. So, naturally, I put in my headphones and danced my way to the water source, because what else can I do? I can cry and complain and sit under a shaded tree for several hours until someone shows up or embrace the challenge and brainstorm ways that will get me there faster without expelling too much energy. Also, my friend Paul donated some salt chews which came in handy for a day like this. Thank you. 🙏🏻
In the end, I ended up stumbling on 2.5 gallons of water that a trail angel left about a mile before the actual water source and I thought it was a mirage. 😅