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End of Silver City, Beginning of Gila Wilderness: I went to hang out at Tranquilbuzz to catch up on my travel blog, but ended up running into friends instead! I loved the energy of Silver City because I could simply smile at people and they would take it as an opportunity to pull out a chair and have a conversation with me.
I ran into Taylor and felt I was meant to spend some time with her instead of work on my blog and we ended up having the most lovely girl time over a cup of coffee. We exchanged “I love you”’s and I made my way back to the hostel to start packing.
Brendan dropped me off at the pavilion and we spent some extra time together before we parted ways. I only spent a nero and a zero at his hostel, yet it felt as though Brendan and I have known each other for years. We had a very easy going, natural and flirtatious relationship and I am looking forward to seeing him again for Trail Days. ❤️
As I was heading into the Gila Wildnerness, I passed by the last house and a guy came out to ask if I had enough water. God bless people for wanting to help out hikers and make sure they’re okay. People looking out for us hikers is one of my biggest inspirations on trail. 🙏🏻
I set up camp near a stream bed and read my book for a couple of hours. Soon after, Fudge Packer and Adam showed up to camp with me. The night ended with Adam making a fire, giving me a foot massage and taking care of my blisters. I feel as though I love myself to a whole new extent when I’m out in the wilderness. I let men touch my blister infested feet and I don’t find myself feeling self conscious, but rather appreciated and loved.
The trail has naturally taught me that it does not fucking matter if you haven’t showered in several days, that your hair has twigs in it or that you have Nutella on your face. People will love you regardless.