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Gila Wilderness: I woke up to Adam cracking sticks to get a morning fire going for us. There is nothing like the scent of a campfire to get you motivated for a full day of hiking. 🔥👣
It was quite hilarious to see the relationship that Fudge Packer and I formed. We met at the hostel and hung out in town together. We were naturally super open talking about our life experiences, sexual turn ons, spirituality/religion, politics, etc… and we realized that we are both on opposite sides of the spectrum. The conversation ended with us both expressing our attraction for one another but recognizing we would be much better off as friends. Now, our relationship consists of busting each other’s balls. He gives me shit for being unvaccinated, I give him shit for carrying a giant fuel canister. He gives me shit for doing urine therapy, I give him shit for using fluoride. And, I’m not gonna lie, it is one of my favorite relationships to have with someone, because in the end we are both laughing. I love friendships that don’t let differences come between us.
Overall, it was the definition of a perfect hiking day. Mostly flat, cloudy and cool. We got to the Gila River, did a river crossing and set up camp. Adam made a fire for us and we smoked some sausages as I laid my back against his stomach. I thought to myself “this is how it’s meant to be”. Not surrounded by walls, but instead outside with the elements that have been provided for us to breathe, feel and experience.
During the night I thought I heard a bear so I grabbed my pad and sleeping bag and ran into Adam’s tent. Pretty sure it was just the sound of elk having sex.