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Gila Wilderness: Adam and I woke up at dawn to frozen shoes and socks. We immediately had to do several river crossings and I felt the needles poking at my skin as the chilled wind hit my legs.
We walked through a movie like prairie covered in meadow marshes and lava rock. Shortly after, we started our road walk and I figured why not walk naked and get prepped for naked hiking day. 🤷🏼‍♀️
We stopped at MM 92 on the Gila River Alternate to take a break. Adam became gamesome and started wrestling me on the dirt road. We formed swirls of dust, laughing playfully as I fell onto the road. He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder as I squealed in happiness. He laid me down on top of the wheat grasses and started kissing me, his eyes begging me not to leave.
I started moaning and I could feel him getting hard on my thigh. I bit my lip, looked around to see if anyone was there and we rapidly started to pull each other’s shorts off. I wrapped my neon sock covered legs around his waist, he grabbed my hair firmly and started to fuck me right there on the side of the road. Unfortunately, no cars passed by during this time. 😔
We continued our road walk with a pep in our step and about 10 minutes later a car came. They were local folks from Reserve who offered us a ride on their ATV to the trailhead 10 miles up, so of course we said fuck YES.
As soon as we started cruising down the desert road, I tuned into the sensation of the warm wind blowing through my sweat-ridden clothes. I screamed with an aura of pure joy and freedom as tears rolled down my face and all I could do was laugh. I felt so light after walking hundreds of miles; I swear it felt as though I was flying.
At the end of the night, we camped in a field of cow shit because we didn’t want to walk any further. The weather dropped rapidly so we got into one sleeping bag, formed a cocoon and cuddled each other to sleep. ✨