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MM 599.1:
Hitched to Grants from the airport and got a ride by a sweet woman who drove me all the way back to Lava Flow Hostel. She reminded me of my manager’s wife. Same Greek accent, same face, same motherly energy. I often meet people that remind me of people from my hometown. It’s a reminder that my friends are with me in Spirit during my travels. ❤️
I ordered myself a pizza and the delivery boy gave me 6 paper plates. After I devoured the pizza, I went to pick up a trail magic box that Susie Q sent me. It was more than I could’ve asked for. Moments like this feel like Christmas for a thru-hiker. Mahalo for supporting me in my journey. It’s stuff like this that keeps me going. ❤️ If anyone else is inspired to send a trail magic box to me, I would love to send you an address of where I’ll be. Mahalo. 🙏🏻✨
As I was approaching Cuba, I came atop a hill to see the overlook of the valley and rolling hills and it was in that moment I realized how all of the road walks that lead up to this magnificent view were absolutely worth it.
Highlights and tragedies:
-Got explosive diarrhea in the middle of the night… probably due to eating a bag of dried apricots.
-Zhanna sent me a video of her side boob.
-Sang my heart out to Blink-182 songs.
-Gave myself a hiker bath on an exposed rock and a small plane flew directly over me as I was washing my asshole.