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(x-rated): Got off at Torreon Road on the CDT and decided why not hitchhike to Arizona and finish the AZT. Not even two minutes later I got a ride by a guy named Marcus who said he would take me all the way to the trailhead (8 hour drive) just because he felt like it. 🤯 He took me to Lotaburger and Wally World so I could buy some chocolate chip cookies. We heated them up on his dashboard as he showed me the artist Chris Stapleton. I fell in love with the tunes so he played the CD on repeat 3 times. I fell into a deep silence as we drove down windy roads up and over the mountain ridges. I don’t feel the need to do drugs/drink to get the experience of being high. Simply being on the road with people I haven’t met gets me there. 👣🏔✨
Although tempted to go all the way to the trailhead, Spirit guided me to get off at Silver City so I could give my friend Brendan a hug. My soul sister, Taylor, said she would host me for the night. We reunited at the coffee house and started our walk towards the hostel to surprise Brendan.
A few attractive men in down jackets caught my attention and I go, “Are you guys CDT hikers?!” They said yes and I approached them with excitement and told them my name was Freyja. They smiled and said they heard of me. I could tell the guy Trainwreck was really attracted to me. The moment we locked eyes, I could feel the energetic pull between us. Everyone around us could feel it, too. He suggested I hike north with them instead of hitching to Arizona. I was tempted to spend several nights in the Gila Wilderness with a few gorgeous men, however I already trekked that section.
They invited Taylor and I to the Little Toad Creek Brewery to have some burgers, so Taylor and I went home to freshen up. We played dress up as we shared naughty stories and confessed our deepest fantasies and desires. It felt wholesome to spend time with a girl who also shared a playful attitude around sex.
We got to the brewery and I snuggled up next to Trainwreck. We were both so comfortable in each other’s presence. It was also sweet to connect with a hiker who wasn’t interested in drinking. I don’t have anything against drinking, I still do it here and there, but it’s nice to know that there are hikers who don’t prioritize getting drunk as their way of having a good time.
We went back to the hostel and they sat on the couch as I kneeled on the floor beside their feet. I looked up at them with longing eyes as I let them imagine what I might look like in that position, minus the clothes.
Seduction is an art. Every movement, every breath, every glance never goes unnoticed. Everything is planned on a whim as the moment arises. The gentle sighs I make, the tone of my voice, the air of innocence and naivety.
Only me, the German guy and Trainwreck. I asked if I was keeping them up and they said of course not, despite their eyes revealing their tiredness.
Trainwreck sat in front of me and I gently pressed my foot into his crotch as the German guy watched. I tuned into his hands firmly massaging my legs, slowly making their way down to the soles of my feet.
I rested my head on Trainwreck’s lap and talked about my fantasies of having an orgy. Somehow this shit always comes out of my mouth. 😂 They laughed and said my eyes light up when I talk about orgies as though it is a huge passion of mine. It kind of is after being spoiled in Hawaii.
I found myself feeling ravenous for both of them to just grab me and take me right there. I laid on the floor and go, “Okay, I’m ready for both of you to massage me.” 😇 I loved giving the men around me sexual attention, interbred with a sense of doubt… I would kiss one’s cheek and right after place my hand on the other’s inner thigh.
As we were heading to bed, the German guy told me if the fire was still burning inside me to pay him a visit. Within seconds we laid down and he started kissing me, our smiles revealing our eagerness to play. I fell hard for his German accent and the confidence he held for his sexuality. It was adorable because we could both barely understand one another due to our language barriers, but the passion was inevitably there.
I love when a guy is not afraid to take charge and make me feel like a woman… to just grab my face and kiss me with an insatiable desire… to make me lose my sense of self and make my heartbeat stop for a moment.
He took me from behind as he pulled my hair in a way that he could get a better look at my face. He said he wanted to look into my eyes as he came for me. Time ceased to stop as he held me close with each penetrating thrust. With a smirk and a tight pulling of my hair, he called me a monster for scratching him up. Just meant he should’ve pinned me down harder. 😈