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La Selvilla Picnic Area to Rincon Mountain Wilderness: Woke up at 2am and started walking uphill most of the day. When the sun arose, the jagged rocks and crumbled dirt started to glisten with what appeared to be silver confetti.
Went skinny dipping and dried off in the sun. A handsome man walked by and I apologized for being naked as I fake attempted to cover myself up. He smiled and goes, “Don’t be.” My nipples became erect in an instant. Even my apparent body likes to convince me that I’m an exhibitionist. 🙈
Near the end of the day I was comforted by the melody of tall pines whistling in the valley as I descended the mountain. My surroundings expansive; a panoramic view of mountain ridges whose boundaries I could not find.
I cowboy camped with some bees that took interest in me for a few hours. I drifted off to sleep to the sound of their buzzing.