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(x-rated): I walked the freeway around 5am to hitch a ride to Silver City so I could make it to CDT Trail Days. I was determined to get free pancakes that they were cooking up for the hikers.
I got a ride by an older gentleman who started crying as he shared stories of all the ways God created miracles in his life. I’m pretty sure he was drunk. Got dropped off in the sketchy town of Deming.
The first car that pulled over was two meth head teens who said they would take me anywhere if I gave them money. I said no thank you, hence me hitchhiking. They asked if I wanted to go on a hustle mission with them to look for some money. I said I was good and continued to hitch.
A mortician picked me up and said he would drive me to Santa Clara. I hopped in the back of the van and wiped my face clean with baby wipes. Shortly after getting dropped off, I got picked up by a couple named Randy and Susie. They drove me directly to the pancake station and I made it exactly 15 minutes before they shut it down. Worth it. After I was done, they offered to take me out to Adobe Springs for meal #2. ❤️
I felt so grateful to be at Trail Days, simply to meet the new hikers and check out all the gear companies. I met the company Deuter who made my backpack. I got roasted by a bunch of people for the size of my backpack (as usual) even though I downsized. 😂 It’s just funny to me at this point. I don’t feel I’ll ever be an ultralighter. I love my pack and I love the gear I have. What works for me might not work for someone else. I know that my body is capable of adjusting to the weight.
Met up with my friend Goose who hitched in from Las Cruces. I absolutely adore getting the opportunity to spend time with him. He is always smiling and has a playful, childlike outlook on life.
We met up last year on the OCT and we attempted to make out but he said my kisses were too wet so I said, “this isn’t gonna work out.” 😂 I didn’t think it would amount to much after that so today we just enjoyed one another’s company. We casually ate lemon poppyseed ice cream on the concrete stairs as the sun began to set. Our eyes locked and revealed a hidden agenda… an air of sinister curiosity, fondness and playfulness.
We started walking the streets of Silver City, our glances becoming flirtatious. I watched the way his lips moved when he spoke to me… laced with temptation, I asked if I could kiss him. He pushed me up against a wall and pressed his lips against mine. I revealed a smile when our lips began to part. Wrapping my hands around his neck, I pulled him in for more. Nudging my knee into his groin, feeling him get hard for me… I kissed his neck softly… licked and nibbled on his earlobe… felt as though we had the whole city to ourselves as we expressed our lust.
He snuck me into a building and with no words spoken, I began to submit to his every touch. He had me face the wall and arch my back as he grabbed my ass. I unbuckled my shorts as he slipped his off. I asked him to be gentle since I just got fucked last night, feeling a bit nervous because he, himself, was just as big.
He smiled mischievously as he pulled my hips towards his and slowly started to enter me. I dug my nails into his thigh, pulling him closer. The feeling of his cock had me intoxicated. While still inside of me, he moved me from the wall and bent me over a wooden paneled table. He pushed my face down and pulled my hair towards him while my ass rippled from his thrusts. Then, he brought me down to the floor and made me feel the fullest depths of him. I could barely receive all of him… out of breath, he slipped his fingers through the corners of my drooling mouth as I bit them and told him I was gonna cum. Wet and open, I could feel his cock throbbing as he came deep inside me at the same time.
Drenched in an afterglow, we laid on the floor as we tried to catch our breath… immersed in a state of pure joyousness and laughter. I felt his cum drip out of me and I went to lick him clean before I got up and put my clothes on. He kissed me goodbye and asked if we could do it again. I gladly said yes. 🧚🏼‍♀️