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Superior, AZ: I was trekking along thinking to myself it would be nice to receive a new black base layer top since mine officially shredded to capacity after 6,000+ miles. Two hours later I came across a bear box and opened it to find a new base layer top, exactly my size and the brand I envisioned. A reminder that everything comes when I just relax and don’t worry about “how” it’s going to come or “if” it’s going to come. The moment I stress, I see how I push opportunities and gifts away from myself. Same concept applies to money. Anytime I find myself stressing, I seem to lose expensive items or find myself spending money on things that are apparently out of my budget. The moment I give myself the freedom to spend how I please rather than controlling what I do on the surface, things naturally come to me without any effort and I am shown that I am infinitely abundant despite what number shows up on my bank account.
Arrived to the home of the famous trail angel, MJ. She generously hosts AZT hikers that pass through Superior. The moment I arrived, she already had a meal prepared for me, including homemade blueberry muffins. I got to do laundry, take a shower and check out her killer hiker box! I even got to meet a few hikers named Funsize, McFly and the Wright Brothers.
I ended up going out for sandwiches with the guys. We shared laughter over our favorite hiker trash moments and looked forward to ones that were yet to come. ❤️
Received a trail magic box from trail angel Susie Q. Mahalo nui loa for your generosity. I look forward to your boxes every time, especially because I’m hungry every time they arrive. 😂