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Superior to Vineyard Trailhead: Started my moon cycle today and did a happy dance. I notice I become very contemplative when I’m bleeding. Here are some questions that arose during today’s trek:
Do wild animals fart?
Do wild animals get mad at each other? Do they experience relationships issues?
How come the same milk is priced differently in each store?
Do different breeds of dog taste differently?
How did the expression ‘happy as a clam’ come about?
Later on, I met a British guy named Unimpressed. He seemed really happy to see another person after not seeing anyone for a few days. I know that feeling. We hung out at the water source and he complained about how long the water carries were. I laughed and said, “First time hiking in the desert? 😉”
He was trying to make it to Pine, but said it would cost around $200 for a taxi. I suggested he hitch, but he didn’t seem open to that idea so I told him I could hitch him over there. We planned to meet at the cemetery and leave in the morning.
Met an older man on an ATV who said he’d drive me to town. Thinking about the friend I just made, I declined.
So grateful to the trees for providing shade in the heat of the desert. I look back at the climbs I complained about on the CDT and in hindsight, it was a piece of cake compared to the AZT. 😅
Made it to the Marina and enjoyed dinner with Funsize and Unimpressed. The place had one of the best hiker boxes I’ve seen on trail. I resupplied for the next week!! We all cowboy camped next to the shed and left early the next morning.