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Hitched Unimpressed to Pine, AZ. Waited at least two hours. I feel my hitchhiking roll is slowed down immensely when I hitchhike with guys, but I don’t mind. I find it’s the perfect time to stretch my legs, read my book and take in the silence.
A couple of cops turned their lights on and pulled in. Sensing that I might be in trouble, my excitement started to build. One of them rolled his window down and I rested my head against his window frame. I smiled sweetly, batted my eyes and said, “Hello, Officer…” I love how friendly cops are with me… probably because they can feel how turned on I get around them.
They gave us food and water and told us they would give us a ride to a town closer to Pine if we still happened to be there.
Eventually we got a ride into Payson. No luck hitching out from there so we split a room for the night and walked a mile to Denny’s to get my blueberry pancake fix.
We showered and made love in the hotel room. He said I was the first girl from America he’s been with. I told him he was the first guy from Canada I’ve been with. He bent over to kiss me and I went out on the balcony to write poetry, inspired by the sound of the trees swaying in the wind. Moon cycle drawing me inward. 🌳🍃🙏🏻