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Flagstaff to Pine: Got a ride back to the trail by an older man and his daughter. He told me that I was living life the “right” way, that the American dream was a lie and not to buy into it. He told me it was a trap to buy a house only to spend the rest of my life paying bills. I recalled people telling me this since I was 17 and took the advice to live a nomadic lifestyle instead. 🧚🏼‍♀️✨ I smiled and said “so I’ve been told.”
Stopped at Pine Grove Campground and was greeted by the camp hosts and fellow campers on their way out. We got to talking and they gifted me a plethora of food/snacks. I had to cradle it in my arms to keep everything from falling.
Met another solo female hiker named Ultraviolet. We were excited to see each other with leg hair, so we high-fived and yelled, “Woo-hoo! BODY HAIR!!!” 😂 We exchanged blogs and shortly after, I met a guy named Happy Feet who also thru-hiked the PCT in ‘19, however we never ran into one another.
Made it to another campground where I saw a couple of older men and decided to go talk to them. Sometimes I do that and I think to myself is that weird? Still, I find myself doing it. They enjoyed my presence as I did theirs. One of them asked if I carry a knife or an InReach and I go, “Nah, I got Jesus.” I seem to be consistently asked how I’m not afraid to hitchhike alone and the answer feels more and more true by the day: I trust in God. The protection I feel around me is a deep energetic knowing that I won’t die unless I’m meant to, so why live in fear?
I found a blue jay feather at a “random” spot I decided to break at. Spiritual meaning:
-Blessed with motivation to achieve my deepest desires
-Sign of protection (Spirit watching over me)
-Good fortune/success
I set up my cowboy camp next to the trail and walked around shirtless. I saw a guy in the distance, pretended like I didn’t see him and acted surprised when he walked up on me. I love doing that shit. I need to work on my “surprised” face, because I definitely looked more excited if anything. 😆