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Crossed paths with a guy named Salsa who planned to thru-hike the CDT SOBO this year. His friend Top-shelf was hiking with him and she already thru-hiked the CDT. I feel so inspired when I meet people who already completed a thru or who got their triple crown. It is an incredible accomplishment that many won’t truly understand unless they themselves have done it!
Goose recommended I stay with his adopted grandfather, Vince, when I made it into Pine. I gave him a call and he picked me up from the trailhead. He invited me into his beautiful home, accented with a backdrop of pine trees and fallen pine needles. He said I was more than welcome to call him Grandpa Vince as well. ❤️
Of course, we hit it off right away. He let me shower, do laundry and provided me supplements and vitamins since I was experiencing some dis-ease from the smoke. Then, he took me out for Thai and frozen yogurt. When we made it back home, we watched movies, ate cheese quesadillas and gorged on sugary snacks that my Trail Angel sent me.
I’m learning to recognize and accept that I have a preference of being pampered, especially by men. I love when guys take me out to eat, buy me hotel rooms (without expecting anything). It is a huge mental turn on for me when they show me that they’re financially stable; an energy I’ve been undeniably attracted to.
I notice how quickly I lose interest if I’m not being spoiled. Maybe it’s the way I was raised, the kind of conditioning I received or maybe it’s my ex sugar baby lifestyle still wanting to come out and play. I have grown tired of playing the sugar mama in my previous relationships, so when I receive the perception of being taken care of it feels like a breath of fresh air and I feel sooo beyond grateful. I’m recognizing that it’s okay to have preferences and not shame myself for my apparent desires. 🙏🏻🧚🏼‍♀️✨