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Wide awake, Grandpa Vince drove me in his four wheeler and dropped me off on the corner of Winslow AZ so I could start hitching towards the east coast. Fields of pines, gusts of winds and the scent of diesel brought up elation for my upcoming adventure.
I thought about the things I admire in people. I’m not impressed by diamonds, shiny cars or fame. I’m impressed by authenticity, transparency and ones aptitude to be wild.
I’ve always been drawn to older men and the common assumption I have received is that I got molested or that I had “daddy issues” growing up. People seem to want to put a story on me to justify the way I am. Over the years, I learned that I no longer desire to explain myself because it’s trying to interpret chaos in a world that doesn’t exist. There is no point in trying to interpret a dream. I am watching myself the way anyone else is watching an image of me play out.
A guy named Scott picked me up. Most of his body was made out of titanium due to previous car accidents. He was an ex drug dealer who was now a homesteader. He drove me about 20 miles and gifted me a knife since I told him I didn’t carry anything on me. He taught me a technique on how to sever the arteries if I ever came across that situation. It was the third knife I received this week so I took it as a sign that I should carry one for a bit. I have a feeling it will only be used for slicing salami and cheese.
Got picked up by a man named Tom who talked about a titty dancer that he fell in love with who broke his heart. He described her tits as making men go stupid. We drove for a couple hours and he told me I made peoples’ minds spin. He couldn’t comprehend how I was a hippie who loved meat, owned my own business and preferred being companionless. He said I was going to have a crisis when it came time for me to settle down, that I would need someone who kept me interested otherwise I’d get bored. He joked, “All you would need is a steak and to be left alone.” 😂
Got dropped off in the Indian reservation without realizing it. Guess I like surprising myself. It was one of the longest hitches, so I pulled out some hitchhiking moves to get a ride faster (DM me for techniques 😂). Witnessed a drug deal; apparently it occurred a lot in that area.
A Navajo medicine man and his father picked me up and drove me out of their way despite driving with a spare tire on. He mentioned his grandpa just passed and that he prays for his father’s ease every day. Every morning when he wakes, he prays to the mountains in the directions NESW. He spoke of the sacredness of the Durango mountains. My eyes watered as I saw theirs welling up as he attempted to describe his experience with God. He pointed to his heart to say he loved me. Language barrier meaningless; expression of love prominent. They dropped me off at a gas station, kissed my cheek and blessed me with their amiable kindness.
A group of guys in their 30’s pulled over to pick me up. The vibe was off, but I still experienced the perception of getting in the car. The first thing they asked was how much I cost. I took a deep breath and felt the feelings that were coming up. I started to manipulate the energy and changed the direction of the conversation. I began to pray and asked Spirit for a re-interpretation to see them in a softer light. The energy shifted and they let me out safely a few miles down the road.
A group of guys in a Mercedes Benz cruised by as they curiously stared at me with mouths agape. They turned around to pick me up. The moment they opened the car door, clouds of marijuana smoke escaped and I laughed my ass off. They were all between 18-35 years of age. They maneuvered themselves and their items to make space for me. Baffled by the idea that I voluntarily wanted to walk 3,000 miles to Canada, one of them goes, “I was complaining about driving 1,200 miles.” I could tell they were all super high because they would have super long moments of silence followed by, “Woah. That’s crazy.” They asked to take a picture with me after they dropped me off. Almost every person does that and I find it absolutely adorable. People also feel scared to drop me off on the side of a highway and I think to myself if you only knew the shit I see on a daily basis. 😂
It felt so wholesome to connect my footsteps onto the CDT again. I walked barefoot and crossed a creek right before finding a spot to cowboy camp for the night. Home. 🙏🏻