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A truck driver picked me up out of the picnic area. As I opened the door, he asked if I had any weapons on me and I said, “No, and I’m also not a prostitute.” (Might as well just start saying that.) He was a short, chubby Mexican guy who just recently got out of prison. He told me how he grew up in a gang and how his son was currently in prison due to having chosen the gang lifestyle. I asked him if he killed anyone and he didn’t give me a solid answer.
We cruised around for a few hours and he learned about my lifestyle and said, “I’m a gangster but YOU are an ACTUAL gaaangster.” I got the sense he thought I was really naive since I trusted people very easily. He asked how I took showers when I was out on the road/backpacking and told him how most of the time people offered me a place for the night to shower and do laundry. He was baffled by the idea that I went to strangers’ homes and got naked in their bathroom. He goes, “At least you lock the door… right?” I thought about it and started laughing. I don’t think I have ever locked the door when I took a shit or a shower. He dropped me off near a Waffle House in Oklahoma City, told me someone got murdered there last week and said, “be careful.” 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣
Got a ride by a cute tatted firefighter who drove me approximately 20 miles before he ran out of gas and blamed me for being a distraction. I hitched him over to the nearest gas station and played a “damsel in distress” to a cute guy that was filling up his gas. Turned out he was a cop. 😏 He gave my friend a ride back to his car as I waited at the gas station. A couple of construction workers asked if I was hitchhiking cross country and I said yes. They eye fucked me and told me I was “fine as hell”. It’s funny how I get hit on way more when I look homeless compared to when I look like a princess in 5” heels.
Flirted with another sheriff that pulled into the gas station. Apparently, I cannot control myself around them. I entertained myself as I leaned my head into his window, watching the way he became all flustered as I flirted with him. I always hope I’ll get in trouble, but I never do. Maybe I’m not misbehaving enough. 😈
Got picked up by a meth head without realizing it. It should have been a red flag when I saw wires sticking out of his car or when I had to climb through his window to get into the seat. I didn’t think much of it after living in Hawaii and getting picked up by “Puna mobiles”.
Less than a minute into the drive, he asked if I did dope or speed. I said no and that I was a pretty sober person. He started tweaking out and his movements became really abrupt. He started flying down the HWY, swerving his car out of the lane and playing his music really loud. I felt myself getting panicked yet I kept my composure. In my mind, it is a rule to never piss off the driver because I am aware that they can pull some shit on me. I could tell he felt paranoid I was going to call the cops. It didn’t resonate asking him to pull over since we were on the interstate and there was nothing nearby. Instead, I called my girl Quinn and asked her to be on the phone with me just so I could feel her presence.
I continued to keep the conversation light. He called me “sexy” numerous times and asked if I had a boyfriend or girlfriend. I lied and said yes. He asked if I wanted another one or at least a one night stand. I thanked him and said no, while screaming internally. He said we were going to stop at his house to have sex and I go, “That’s fine. Can we stop at a gas station to get some ice cream first? I’ve been really craving some.” He noticed he was running on empty so decided that would be okay. Upon arrival, I thought of any excuse to get my bag out of the back since it was strapped in ropes, so I told him I needed to get my tampons. I went into the bathroom, bawled my eyes out and let my body shake out the energy.
Here’s the thing. Hitches like this can apparently happen, but it’s rare. At the end of the day, it fine tunes my skills so I am better aware of a future event like this. This was my first time getting in the car with someone who was drugged out and yes, there were signs, but I must’ve dismissed them due to comparing the situation to what I was used to in Hawaii.
The woman working at the gas station let me sit down and take a breath as one of the locals named Dylan got him out of the gas station. Dylan and his friend, Bryan, offered to drive me to the next town. They generously handed me a bunch of money to help me out with food and lodging in case I needed it.
Every car that picked me up had a broken windshield, so I eventually looked up the meaning: “A broken windshield is neither a good omen or a bad omen. Instead, it comes as a neutral message to remind you to pay extra attention to things around you. The broken windshield omen wants you to break any assumptions you might have about travel.”
The next man that picked me up was a pastor named Rodolfo who traveled the world to teach people about God’s Love. Eventually, his plan was to preach in Guatemala. He took me to McDonald’s, locked eyes with me and said, “Trust your heart every day and God will guide you and put your feet on the right path. You are valuable. God loves you so much. I can see that you are protected by your angels.” It’s as though he knew what I went through and I just started crying as I ate my chicken McNuggets. I thanked him for the blessed reminders. It snapped me out of the remnants of pain I was holding onto.
I showed Rodolfo my website and he told me I was going to be famous one day. I have received clear visions of that, myself. I pray for humility when that day comes. He held my hand and prayed, “Open the doors that she may see and prosper.” He bought me a hotel room for the night and said he would’ve had me over at his house but didn’t feel comfortable, that it would be disrespectful to his wife since she was in Florida. He said it wouldn’t be righteous on his end, regardless if it was for a future famous artist. I have so much respect for men like that. They are the ones I remember the most. I am shown that good men do exist, contrary to what I’ve been taught to believe.
I called my little brother and he goes, “Here me out. You either come back home for a month or we pick you up in the trailer and take you to Virginia and then we can start hiking together from there.” I closed my eyes and smiled. Spirit lets me know when I’m on my path in my own personal way… through dragonflies, pinecones, numerology and sometimes, it comes through the voice of a family member.