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(x-rated): I got picked up by a guy who reminded me of my dad. Simultaneously, I reminded him of his 23 year old daughter. He asked if the life I was living would be okay for his daughter to live since she seemed to be heading in the same direction. I said absolutely and suggested he give her the freedom to explore because traveling the world would teach her more than books ever could.
Apparently, I was hitchhiking in the highest crime city in the U.S. (Memphis, TN). The guy who picked me up said I was playing russian roulette with my life. We hit it off really well and made plans to hike together in the near future.
Near the end of the day, I got picked up by a truck driver named Kawa. The moment I got in, it was clear to me that this man had a lot to teach me. He was radiating beauty and confidence. His energy reminded me of someone who I had a hard time releasing. Salt and pepper hair, the way he serenaded my name in his entrancing accent. He was my kryptonite.
Fascinated by me, he said he wanted to explore my mind. I found out he lived close to my hometown and he goes, “Do you want to go on a date… with me?” I smiled like a teenage girl and said yes. He made me pinky promise and bite my thumb to lock in the promise. Our lips a centimeter apart, he smiled as he pulled away and said I made him nervous.
He asked me if I wanted a free shower at the truck stop. I said only if we could share one. He smiled like he knew he was playing with the devil. When we made it to the truck stop and he stepped out of the car, I had to lift my head to look up at him because he was so tall. Caught off guard, I started blushing. He held my hand as we walked through the truck stop. I asked him if he wanted a mentos as he watched me slip one into my mouth. He tempestuously leaned in to grab it out with his tongue, telling me I was a dream.
He sat on the bench as we waited our turn for the shower. He asked me to hold him. Watching myself in the window’s reflection, I held his head to my chest as he wrapped his arms around my hips. Enamored, he asks, “Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you in my life?” I kissed the top of his head, playfully tugged at his silver hair and gently spun into his lap. “To love.”
We walked into the shower room, I undressed in front of him and eagerly hopped in the shower. He watched me in appreciation as I wet my hair and I invitingly locked eyes with him as he undressed for me. He joined me under the falling water and began kissing me. I fantasized about getting fucked in the rain for quite some time now. Figured a shower at a truck stop was pretty close. 😂
I flirtatiously got on my knees as the water dripped from his body onto my mine. I took his delicious cock into my mouth and enjoyed him as long as he let me. Desperately craving one another, he lifted me up by my hair, turned me towards the shower wall and slid himself in. I turned my cheek towards him so he could watch the way his cock made me feel. Every thrust, I dug my nails into the back of his thigh, marking my territory. When he told me he was going to cum for me, I got down on my knees to receive every generous drop. I wanted more of him, but I knew I had to be patient for my desires.
Wiping the corners of my mouth, we giggled and washed one another with shampoo. I solemnly traced my fingertips along his hairy chest, wanting him to stay. In our afterglow, we dried off and I put on a shirt he gave me. He stood behind me in the mirror, telling me how beautiful I was. I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. I stared into his eyes and he goes, “You’re fucking with my head.” I innocently tilted my head and kissed him. I grabbed hold of his hand and guided us back towards the truck.
Twirling through the grassy field, I caught a speck in his eye revealing he was falling in love with me. Dizzy and intoxicated by our coalescing seduction, I thought to myself, I’m falling in love with you, too. He told me I wasn’t going anywhere tonight. Yes. Keep me. He says, “Where have you been my entire life? Cuddle me tonight. Stay with me. Hold me.”
We went to Red Lobster and sat in the dimly lit booth as I played with him under the table and kissed tequila off his lips. He told the waitress I was his girlfriend and that it was our anniversary. It was fun to see the way women would just melt around him right before my eyes, falling under his skillful charm.
Back in the truck, he asked me to teach him how to live, to show him how to be free. He no longer desired to be a slave of the system and wanted to take a different direction in his life.
With devotion behind his masculine touch, he made love to me one last time… infusing me with the perfect aroma of uncontrollable longing and doubt… to forever be an unreachable fantasy. I prayed for God to give me sanity as I felt the waves of poetry and flames of passion rippling through me. For only God knows what I’m going through.