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I started hiking north on the Appalachian trail out of Damascus, VA. I love hitchhiking and all but there’s nothing like being in the middle of the wilderness where I’m difficult to reach or hard to find. ✨🌿🧚🏼‍♀️
Hung out at a shelter my first night. I could see why people have such a close relationship to this trail. After climbing most of the day to walk upon hikers surrounded by a bonfire laughing, I forgot all about the difficulty of the hike. With your community, all the pain seems to dissipate, or you find common ground and are able to laugh about the struggle together.
First guy that caught my eye was a cutie named Botany. He had long blonde hair tied up in a bun and a muscular fit body. His eyes were kind and his energy gentle. He gave me a layout of how the shelters worked, where to hang my pack and how to avoid mice tearing at my stuff. He also warned me that they would run across my face in the middle of the night and calmly brushed it off by saying I would get used to it. 😅
A group of hikers showed up and I immediately hit it off with one of the guys named Lil’ Otter. Early twenties, dark eyes and a thick beard. I enjoyed his confidence and the way he was so open to having a conversation with me. He was exuberant to see that I had one of my arms tatted in dedication of my previous ayahuasca ceremonies, so we took it as a sign to meet up at trail days.
Met an adorable woman named W.I.C. (Woman in Construction) and set up my mat directly next to hers. I assumed there would be 8 more hikers crammed in the shelter due to what I read online. I felt like such an amateur when no one else showed up. 😂 She must’ve been like why is this chick directly next to me.
Luckily, she liked me. I appreciated her mysterious aura as it stood out from the rest of the hikers. Through silence, she reflected boldness, strength and fierceness. We got to talking and she shared with me her passion for construction. She explained to me how construction was the foundation for everything and that it wasn’t meant for the weak-minded or naïve.
Fell asleep to the scent of the fire fading out and chit-chat of hikers. My kind of lullaby. ✨🔥🪵🌿