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W.I.C. and I leapfrog’d for quite some time before we eventually decided to just hike together. She opened my mind up to some new perspectives as I did for her. She offered me relationship advice and reaffirmed for me to stand solid in my boundaries. She advised me not to carry the burden of the cross… of my mother, father, sister or friend. To let go of the weight… the weight of the expectations, responsibilities, obligations, guilt that was unconsciously given to me. And instead, to move where ever I was guided to go… to live my life as Goda/Freyja would have it. I felt so uplifted by her presence that by the time I knew it, we were up and over the climb (mental and physical). We let the ponies lick the salt off our arms and then we parted ways. I headed towards Damascus for trail days and she pushed on north.
Two twenty year olds picked me up from the trailhead. I watched the way they flirted with one another. The girl was 6 months pregnant and they were stoked to be making plans to move in together. Good for them, I thought. You know when you just look at a couple and think to yourself they’re gonna make it. Well, that was them. It was nice to see that traditional lifestyle: man, woman, baby, house on the farm. Sometimes I long for that, but in my heart I sense that I’m not done fucking around the world (no pun intended).
Made it to trail days and felt as though I was in a dream. Hundreds of hikers who enjoyed the same lifestyle as me and I felt as though for once, I didn’t have to explain why I chose to live the way I did… these people just “got it”. I even met other cross country hitchhikers and train hoppers which felt wholesome. There was trail magic in every direction. People making big meals for hikers, giving out drinks and snacks. It was only Thursday, the “real deal” of the event wasn’t going to start until tomorrow.
I ran into the group I met at the shelter: Avatar, Botany, Lil’ Otter, Coach, Tater Tot and Truncle. They welcomed me with open arms and invited me to camp next to them. I felt so loved. 🙏🏻❤️ The energy reminded me of when I was a little girl and I would go up to people and ask if I could be their friend and they’d be like, “Of course you can!! 😄”
Met a sweetie named Bunny, whom I’ve only communicated with on FB. I fell in love with the sound of his voice and I fell even more in love with his energy when I met him in the physical. Humble, carefree, kind and had a killer sense of humor. I spent time with him along with some fellow hikers around the fire while a girl named Riptide sang songs for us. I closed my eyes and went inward. Never knew it was possible to feel so at home. 💗🔥🪵👣